BeeVital meet Prince Charles to discuss the future of complementary medicine

Sep 23, 2010

HRH The Prince Of Wales

James Fearnley (CEO - BeeVital), recently met with HRH The Prince of Wales to explore the future of natural health provision in the UK.

James Fearnley was among a select group of industry representatives invited to Clarence House to meet the Prince and explore how best to protect appropriate complementary therapies through the Prince's new College of Medicine.

HRH The Prince of Wales has long been a supporter of complementary medicine and has campaigned for years to get certain natural therapies into NHS healthcare - his new project looks to continue this work. In a recent statement the organisation outlined it's vision:

"The College of Medicine is about bringing back the traditional values of service, commitment and compassion to healthcare. It’s about developing knowledge and evidence that helps the patient instead of expecting the patient to fit the science. Above all, it’s about putting the patient at the centre of everything health professionals do – making sure the art of healing is not lost in our target-driven, technologically sophisticated but sometimes callous world."

BeeVital (Nature's Laboratory) have held this same vision for many years now and hope to work closely with The College of Medicine to bring about significant change in the way we view and access healthcare in our country.

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