A World Leader in Propolis Research

A Pioneer Researcher in the West

James Fearnley - BeeVital's founder - began his research interest in propolis in 1992. He commissioned a number of important studies into the antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties of propolis at the University of Oxford (Department of Biology) and Manchester University (Dental School). These studies where published in peer reviewed journals.

Bee Propolis - Natural Healing from the Hive

In 2001 James Fearnley published Bee Propolis - Natural Healing from the Hive (Souvenir Press). This work remains the most comprehensive survey of the scientific basis for propolis yet undertaken.

BeeVital - Awarded Major UK Government Research Grant

In 2004 BeeVital was awarded a major UK Government Research and Development Award to explore the chemical, pharmacological and clinical properties of propolis. It was one of very few natural medicine projects to receive such an award.

Chemical and Pharmacological Research

Now in its 13th year, the project has involved biological testing of propolis samples from throughout the world to identify their relative antibiotic, anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti viral properties. It has been exploring the chemical composition of each sample in order to establish whether propolis from particular areas or climatic zones has any particular advantages. The project will then use propolis with a known chemical profile in order to undertake specific clinical trials.

Apiceutical Research Centre

As research into propolis and other medicinal bee products gathers pace, BeeVital has identified the need for an idependent non-profit organisation to guide research in the field. Out of this notion was born the Apiceutical Research Centre, which will inform, educate and promote the twin concepts of Natural Beekeeping and Sustainable Medicine. More information can be found at www.beearc.com

Treatment of Animals

It is hoped that studies will also be undertaken into the use of propolis for such conditions as mastitis, viruses and wounds.

The Project Team

The University of Strathclyde has a reputation as a centre of excellence in the understanding of plant chemistry and medicinal properties of plants. The project team consists of Dr. Dave Watson, Dr. Veronique Seidel and Elham Peyfoon MSc.

An International Advisory Board

The research programme will be overseen by a board of internationally respected scientists and doctors. See Scientific Advisory Board.

BeeVital Research

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